Measuring Help

Measuring & Ordering Guidelines

Determine width of awning (A). This requires a clear span with no obstructions. Be sure light fixtures, down spouts, etc. are not in the way. The awning will require 20 cm of mounting space (B). A minimum of 229 cm is required from the deck or patio to the top of the mounting space (C). Select the projection that best fits your needs (D).


Instructions for Measuring

Scout out a mounting place that is free of obstructions (no lights, gutters, wiring, or ornamentation) and has adequate clearance around any doors or windows make sure the awning can extend its full projection without running into a tree, patio, roof line, or fence.

Access to a power out let is necessary. Ensure the area of your choice is structural sound to support the weight of the Awning, the brackets must be mounted onto a load bearing structure, like a stud, joist rafter, beam, concrete or brick (ensure you don’t attach to the last two top bricks) Access to electricity is necessary for the electrically powered awning.